In the beginning was the Mess, and the Mess was around God, and God was displeased.
And so, God began to arrange. He doth fixeth the Mess, and the Mess becameth Order.
From that Order, cameth the Light. It was good. All was right.
-The Great Cleansing 1:1-6, The Codex of Laundromat

This campaign is an experiment.

If you want to know what “OOST” is, and what this world is about, go to the History Section in the Wiki Pages. You can also look through the Wiki for information on the current game world, current heroes, and other forms of Mythos.

For an account of the cast’s adventures so far, the adventure log link is above. Make use of it.

Oh, and above all else, feel free to have fun while you’re here. We know we are.

Wow, this site is OZM.


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