Re: Oost

Squish and the Art of Hiding

of extraplanar wizards, jelly, and clay...

After a deserved rest at the belfry, and raiding the floors for usable rations, the “tourists” make their way into the tunnels below the bell tower.

Below they ran into, and rescue, a wayward wizard from a large group of undead. The Wizard claims to have come here from a plane different from this one, using “his Plane.” The arcanists in the group are confounded by his explanations. They trust that in time he will make sense. Needing all the help they could get, they let him come along. That’s when they encountered an Ochre Jelly.

None of them wish to recall the squishy, green horror. (Don’t ask.)

As predicted the Wizard’s help came in handy later on as exploration of the tunnels led the group to a portcullis that revealed a room populated by a swarm of dog-sized rats – it was the Wizard volunteered to open the gate. His bravado was useful; and the rats were obviously hungry.

Eventually they manage to scare the rats away using arcane fire, eldritch and holy energies, and good old fashioned violence.

Eventually they manage to exit the underground passages and enter into an area that resembles the surface town. Looking for an escape route they come across what seems to be a house with an arcane gateway. Fortunate for them, it turned out that the warlord Elora had the requisite key with her the whole time.

They explore the area inside further and come across some barrels. They were hoping to find some loot; instead they were surprised to find Cro hiding in one of the larger barrels.

Apparently, during their attempt to break into the bell tower, they didn’t realize that Cro managed to slip away and explore on his own. Being mute, Cro had a difficult time trying to explain his current defensive placement.

Frustrated with situation, Jade decided to move ahead and scout the other levels of the area. This was when some mechanized magical clay sentinels charged at the party, exiting from the other barrels in the area. It was presumed that this was for intruding, but after surviving hordes of zombies and several larger than normal animals, the tourists don’t really care at this point. Survival and escape are their only priorities.

After a bloody fight, the clay guardians were defeated. Tired, the survivors decided to rest a bit, and collect themselves.

They’re close to finding their way out. They can feel it.



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