Re: Oost

Who Are the Monsters Now?

zombies, orcs, a wolf...and death

Our adventurers were right. They were close to escaping the town – but there was a challenge yet to be faced. A corporeal corpse and its minions stood in their way, and they fought admirably. The victory of our adventurers, however, was not so sweet, as they had discovered that what they had defeated was once a priest who sought to lift the curse of the town. What was left of the man’s self was inked on paper; the man spoke of his mission, his failures, and the only solution he could think of. They used the information they gathered from the papers to escape the town unharmed…seeing another group of adventurers about to suffer the same ordeal they had suffered.

After this, our adventurers traveled together for a while yet, until they came upon a town that wished to employ their talents – Orcs, so they say, were threatening their way of life. After a bit of negotiation (which involved promises of land, treasures, and the like), the party agreed to rid the town of these orcs.

Finding the orcs had not been difficult. Fighting them at the beginning was also not quite so difficult. But as they moved deeper into the lair, the strain finally gets the better of them. The Tiefling Eurynomous Etain dies protecting the ranger Jade Marinaris; in shock and despair, the rest of the adventurers almost failed to fulfill their objective.

The last words of their final opponent before she had thrown herself into the fire, however, served to unnerve them even more. “You come into my home, kill my guests, kill my dog, kill my husband and destroy my house. Damn you. Damn you all.”

Echoing in their minds as they lifted the lifeless body of their companion Nom was a scream. “Who are the monsters Now?”



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