Alyinka (Inka) Thalma

Slightly deluded singing nun. Bit of a prude. Likes things clean and organized.


Cleric of Laundromat

Initiative: +2

Senses: Perception +6 Low-Light

HP 33 Bloodied 14 AC 17 Fortitude 12 Reflex 12 Will 17

Healing Surges: 7 per day, recovers 8 hp. Speed 6

Basic Attacks: melee +1 ranged +1

Attacks: Mace +4 melee (1d8) Hand Crossbow +4 ranged (1d6)

At-Will Powers: Lance of Faith Sacred Flame

Encounter Powers: Divine Glow Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune [class] Healing Word [class] Channel Divinity: Turn Undead [class] Elven Accuracy [racial]

Daily Powers: Beacon of Hope

Utility Prayers: Shield of Faith

Alignment: Good

Languages: Common, Elven

Skills: Acrobatics +1 Arcana* +7 Athletics +1 Bluff +3 Diplomacy* +8 Dungeoneering +5 Endurance 0 Heal +5 History* +7 Insight +5 Intimidate +3 Nature +7 Perception +7 Religion* +7 Stealth +1 Streetwise +3 Thievery +1

*indicates trained skills

Abilities: Str 13 (+1) Dex 12 (+1) Con 11 (+0) Int 12 (+1) Wis 18 (+4) Cha 14 (+2)

Feats: Toughness, Ritual Caster (bonus)

Racial Abilities: Elven Weapon Proficiency Fey Origin Group Awareness Wild Step

Class Abilities: Channel Divinity Healing Lore Healing Word Ritual Casting

Gear: Chainmail Mace Hand Crossbow backpack bedroll flint and steel belt pouch trail rations (10 days) hempen rope (50 ft.) sunrods (2) waterskin 145 gp


Oh dear, where to begin? I suppose it’s only polite to introduce one’s self by one’s full name. I was gifted with the name Alyinka within the hour of my birth; I am the youngest of the numerous children of Lord Carron Thalma and his favoured concubine, Kaia Lacca. I am also the only daughter that he has sired, and as such, he and all fourteen of my brothers saw it fit to try their hand at spoiling me. Unfortunately, their attempts (as charming as they were) resulted in some of the most dreadful messes imaginable, and I have spent most of my youth cleaning up after them. They are dear things, though. Make no mistake.

It was also during this time that one of our handmaidens changed my life by allowing me to be cleansed by the Great Laundromat. I had vowed that my life shall be dedicated to purifying and arranging the world as he had decreed, but the circumstances of my birth have come back to haunt me. As Carron Thalma’s only daughter, I have effectively become betrothed to Prince Duir – heir apparent to the Throne of Si`.

This is why I have chosen to flee to the sanctuary of his Southern Temple, joining the Order of the Unblemished. I have spent ten marvelous years there…before I unfortunately burned the place down with my Sacred Flame in an attempt to defend the sanctity of our abode. I honestly did not expect those drapes to catch fire from that thief…

Where was I? Oh yes. But of course I had to flee. They would have sent me back home. And Father did say that as soon as I come to my senses and return, the wedding would commence. That is simply unnaceptable. So here I am, running a humble little apothecary, spreading the word of Laundromat and hoping against hope that my family does not find me.

Now, I have done as you wished. Would you PLEASE remember to wipe your feet at the welcome mat before you enter next time? The mud here is ever so hard to remove from the floor…

Alyinka (Inka) Thalma

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