Magiqa Bloomshadow


Little about the supposed history of Mistress Magiqa Bloomshadow, the famed Sylvan Dominatrix, can be proven to be fact. The only confirmed detail of her past involved a young elf by the name of Wudsie, who was said to have been a ranger before he was completely enslaved by Mistress Bloomshadow. The rest of her own history is more likely born out of speculation and perhaps hallucinations of her now-numerous followers. Detailed below is what we deem to be the most consistent of tales involving Magiqa Bloomshadow; these compiled would be the OFFICIAL history of the Sylvan Dominatrix.

There have been whispers that Miss Bloomshadow was, in fact, the daughter of a great Elven sorceress of the woods whose name was swallowed by time, and one of the many Eladrin Lords who had a reputation for being mighty in battle and thorough in bed (some sources claim that he is well-endowed as well, but it is being written off to speculation). Proof of this strange heritage is apparent in her physical form – while she is very much an elf, she also displays many of the physical qualities that could be found in an Eladrin.

Little is known about Miss Bloomshadow’s youth, save for her own off-handed comments about a cruel aunt and a community of Elves that didn’t quite know what to do with her. As the community could no longer be tracked down, it is assumed that they were either fiction, or that its people had been casualties of war. Either way, Miss Bloomshadow reputedly ended up wandering alone, learning the ways of the Druid, before she joined a group of wanderers who inevitably served to bring peace to all lands. Magiqa herself served had helped end the war by escaping a fort where two traitors prowled and convincing a full army to lend their support.

They say that there is only one occasion in which the Sylvan Dominatrix had allowed the masses to see her truly cry, and that was at the deathbed of Gus, the Bard. Since then she was never anything less than who she is reputed to be.

Magiqa Bloomshadow

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