Elora Sunhaven

Half-elf warlord in search of adventure and glory. Country bumpkin.


Elora Sunhaven
Level 1 Half-Elf Warlord
Initiative: +0
Senses: Perception +1
HP 24; Bloodied 12
AC 17; Fortitude 13; Reflex 12; Will 15
Healing Surges: 8 per day, recovers 6 hp
Speed 5
Basic Attacks: melee +2; ranged +0
Attacks: Warhammer +4 melee (1d10); Hand Crossbow +2 ranged (1d6, range 10/20)

At-Will Powers: Commander’s Strike, Furious Smash
Encounter Powers: Guarding Attack, Inspiring Word [class], Thunderwave [multiclass], Sacred Flame [Dilettante Power]
Daily Powers: White Raven Onslaught

Alignment: Good
Languages: Common, Elven, Supernal
Skills: Acrobatics +0, Arcana +6, Athletics +7, Bluff +4, Diplomacy +11, Dungeoneering +1, Endurance +6, Heal +1, History +1, Insight +3, Intimidate +9, Nature +1, Perception +1, Religion +1, Stealth +0, Streetwise +4, Thievery +0. *indicates trained skill

Str 14 (+2)
Dex 11 (+0)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 13 (+1)
Wis 12 (+1)
Cha 18 (+4)

Feats: Multiclass | Arcane Initiate
Racial Abilities: Dilettante, Dual Heritage, Group Diplomacy
Class Abilities: Combat Leader, inspiring word, Commanding Presence [Inspiring Presence], Implement (orb, staff, wand) [Multiclass]

Gear: Chainmail, Light shield, Warhammer, Hand Crossbow, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, trail rations (10 days), hempen rope (50 ft.), sunrods (2), waterskin, 0 gp

Key Calculations

Initiative: +0 (1/2 level) +0 DEX = 0

AC: 10 + 0 (1/2 level) +1 INT = 17
Fortitude: 10 + 0 (1/2 level) +2 STR +1 class +0 racial = 13
Reflex: 10 + 0 (1/2 level) +1 INT +0 class +0 racial = 12
Will: 10 + 0 (1/2 level) +4 CHA +1 class +0 racial = 15

Warhammer Attack Bonus: +0 1/2 level +2 STR +2 Prof. Bonus = 4
Hand Crossbow Attack Bonus: +0 1/2 level +0 DEX +2 Prof. Bonus = 2

Trained Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Intimidate, Arcana [Multiclass Skill].

Skill Calculations:

  • Acrobatics: +0 1/2 level +0 DEX = Total: +0.
  • Arcana: +0 1/2 level +1 INT +5 Training Bonus = Total: +6.
  • Athletics: +0 1/2 level +2 STR +5 Training Bonus = Total: +7.
  • Bluff: +0 1/2 level +4 CHA = Total: +4.
  • Diplomacy: +0 1/2 level +4 CHA +5 Training Bonus +2 Racial Bonus = Total: +11.
  • Dungeoneering: +0 1/2 level +1 WIS = Total: +1.
  • Endurance: +0 1/2 level +1 CON +5 Training Bonus = Total: +6.
  • Heal: +0 1/2 level +1 WIS = Total: +1.
  • History: +0 1/2 level +1 INT = Total: +1.
  • Insight: +0 1/2 level +1 WIS +2 Racial Bonus = Total: +3.
  • Intimidate: +0 1/2 level +4 CHA +5 Training Bonus = Total: +9.
  • Nature: +0 1/2 level +1 WIS = Total: +1.
  • Perception: +0 1/2 level +1 WIS = Total: +1.
  • Religion: +0 1/2 level +1 INT = Total: +1.
  • Stealth: +0 1/2 level +0 DEX = Total: +0.
  • Streetwise: +0 1/2 level +4 CHA = Total: +4.
  • Thievery: +0 1/2 level +0 DEX = Total: +0.

(non-generic warhammer-wielding female pic to follow. :D)

Elora Sunhaven is the youngest daughter of the elf Ganreth Sunhaven and his second wife, Kallia Shalestorm, a vain, but kind human who is learned in the art of spellweaving. Elora also has six elder brothers, all of whom were born from the union between Ganreth and his first wife, an elven woman who has left their family about two hundred Turns ago, when the call of Wanderlust got too strong to resist. She was last heard of several months after leaving their home, and it is said that she has joined a band of adventurers that sought to steal a treaure from a local dragon lair. She has never been heard from since, and her true whereabouts are unknown.

Elora grew up in the elven city of Lyracris where her father serves as the local Cleric to the god Laundromat. Being the youngest as well as the only female child, her father and her brothers tended to dote on her quite a lot. Thankfully, though, her mother is an effective disciplinarian who made sure that though the child was spoiled by her siblings, she never missed a single house or temple duty.

As she grew, Elora then received formal education and training from the city’s Academy, as well as from her parents, and her brothers who were all soldiers by profession. Having been infused with dreams of adventure and glory in battle, thanks to her brothers’ stories and the lore that she learned from both parents, Elora hopes to someday join the city military or even the Royal Guards as an officer. Thus, on her 16th Turn, an age deemed appropriate by the Academy (who normally let their elven students choose at age 50), she was finally allowed to choose her profession, and she picked the Way of the Warlords.

Upon announcing her decision to her family, her brothers rejoiced, while her mother was visibly dismayed as she had hoped that her daughter would at least be taught in the elegant Way of the Spell. Her father, being the kind, quiet man that he is, gave her his blessings with a wink. And so, for the next four Turns, she was trained in the art of combat, and she graduated from the Academy with honors.

After graduation, she was assigned to handle a small group of soldiers for patrols and scouting missions. Fortunately, every single mission that she set forth to do was completely and utterly uneventful, until it got to the point that her men have begun referring to their regular trips as “picnics”. Unfortunately, this bored her and she constantly complained that if nothing happened soon, she will soon forget everything she learned at the academy.

Her brothers did their best to encourage her, but after one full Turn of absolutely nothing happening, she decided to speak with her superior and request that she be reassigned to handle a veteran squad which specializes in raids and skirmishes. She was flat-out refused, as all the members of the team she wanted to command were a full 500 Turns or so older than her.

Distraught and frustrated, she then sought the counsel of her family. Her mother, being the only one among them who understood the meaning of having only a 90-Turn lifespan on average, suggested that it might be good for Elora to travel for a while and see the world and the rest of the Realm. The suggestion obviously distraught her father who can still vividly recall how his first wife left him.

After a very long evening of discussion, more suggestions, comparisons of human and elven aging processes, and having to stop all of her brothers from travelling with her, they have reached the decision of sending Elora off to find the adventure she so longs for.

And so, two days after, with tears and promises of sending courier owls from time to time and never going anywhere close to Dragon lairs, Elora said her goodbyes to her family and friends, and stepped out the city gates, and for the first time, beyond the boundaries of her home.

Elora Sunhaven

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