45th letter since expulsion

Lord Laundromat,

Your humble servant is not one to question you, for you are wise and pure. The most recent of events may have left a stain on my reputation, but I am sure that you have your reasons for relasing the Great Filth into this world – I will do my very best to clear up this mess and put things back into their place. I know not what my full purpose is, and why you have chosen to place me next to the people you have placed me with, but it is your arrangement and your design, and I am sure that you see balace where I myself cannot.

Miss Elora is pleasant enough, and as she is the daughter of a believer, I am inclined to trust her. Misters Jade and Cro, being under my employ, I am also inclined to trust, if only because they could be quite single-minded if given due motivation (though I do hope it were easier to convince them of your power). Mister Nom is also rather single-minded and is quite…I’m not quite sure how to what to make of him. He trusted me with his soiled clothing, which is clearly a sign of his willingness to take you into his life. Young Ark also proves to be promising as a believer – he seems rather clean. And that stranger from the Tower…well, I will have to see about him. He seems to be unblemished…so far.

I am also grateful that you have chosen me to bear your Holy Grail. My companions may not be convinced, but there is incontestable proof that the cup was indeed the one that was graced by your use, as it is evidently far cleaner than it should have been, given where we found it. You work in very mysterious ways, and you have evidently chosen to clothe your old grail with a gleaming newness. I will protect it with my life, I promise you. I will not fail as its Bearer, and one day, I will bring more believers unto your grace.

I shall have to take my rest now. Cleansing this town of the grime of death will be a difficult task. And I am sure that you have more in store for us.

Your humble servant

Inka Thalma

45th letter since expulsion

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