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History was not the best of sages. He saw the world through eyes that shone with the cataracts of yesterday and yet, blind as he was, we have all nodded and took his mutterings as gospel.

He would eventually come across a thing called Now. Reviled, he ran, and was never heard from again.

—“End Times”

Welcome to the OOST Campaign Wiki

As you know, our Deus is a benevolent yet lazy being. That said, this campaign serves as his grand experiment to test his thesis.

This wiki serves as an archive of all campaign related information the players are willing to the world. As per our GM, the world’s Mythos, and our immersion is our onus.

This is our world so far…

Us, our character’s backgrounds, our character’s builds, and anything else we might want to add: art, trinkets, comic strips, whatever. [I may or may not read this because you might want to change it later and I don’t want you to feel chagrined at giving me inconsistent character data. Really, don’t worry about it. I know I’m not. —Deus]

Character Journals
Whether it’s your great scheme to get into some cleric’s pants or some deep dark secret you can only tell your illithid overlords, feel free to chronicle it here. “Dear diary, today I ate pasta, killed a kobold, and stole someone’s pants.” Yep, write it down all you want, just don’t let us catch you fawning over sparkling vampires.

Castles, Battlefields, and Other Important Locations
“To my left you will see the Holy Temple of the Bright and Pure Laundromat. Be sure that are no stains on your whites as you pass, lest His Holy and Most Deodorized’s paladins ‘scrub’ you from this world.”

Governments, Kingdoms, Cults, and Other Crazy Mobs
The groups that you have to dodge. That, or the groups that you might be interested in joining. Whatever the case may be, we’re pretty sure that most of them don’t have fancy membership cards.

Historical OOST Anecdotes Worthy of Note and Mockery
Tales of mutilated cows launched via catapults, sex-changing bards, dragoons that that trail bright, shimmering bubbles in their wakes as they fly, and characters who die before they are made.

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Main Page

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