Major Artifacts


Items of power that are part of, or create history.

The Divine Armors of the El-Leyrr
A set of three different armors created from the divine forges of Arvandor, granted by Corellon Larethian Himself to the greatest of the Seldarine’s champions. Seemingly made of unidentifiable metals, the armors are as supple as the softest fabric, and as light as a single feather. These armors can also be called at the will of its appointed wearer, appearing or disappearing at whim. Each of these armors represent an aspect of the world, and along with their respective wielders are thus called such:

El-Leyrr of the Seas – Of pale and bluish colors, the El-Leyrr of the Seas represents the aspect of water. The armor bears aquatic motifs, most notable of all the helmet which is meant to look like the fierce head of the Megalodon.
El-Leyrr of the Ground – Drab green earth tones are the colors of this armor. Signifying the very ground that we tread upon, the armor would seem the most Fey-like due to its leaf and grass motifs. The helmet crowning this armor is made to represent the Leos Rex, colossal lions that roam vast savannas of the divine realms.
El-Leyrr of the Skies – White and pale yellow to orange-ish are the colors of this armor, like the vast sky with a shining sun above us. The avian motif is very apparent with metallic feathers and talons adorning the armor. Its helmet-crown is made to look like the fierce giant bird of legends, the Roc.

Only the respective of the Seldarine’s most chosen may wield these armors. However, the responsibilities that come with these godly blessings are also of equal magnitude. Their tasks are far apart from the worries of the mortal realms for they are given missions that only even the divinities themselves could do.

Major Artifacts

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